Location and Directions

We should mention to you that Google and most other Mapping/Directions and some SatNav. systems are wrong!
From London direction proceed down M23 and A23 past junctions to Cuckfield, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill then watch out for a large sign on the left signposted B2118 Hurstpierpoint, Albourne, etc., and branch left.  The road then loops over the A23 and back on to the “old A23”, now the B2118 into Sayers Common.
After about 2 miles, at the first set of traffic lights , turn LEFT. Proceed to Hurstpierpoint. Go straight across mini roundabout and on through village, past all the shops and then houses.
After a sharp double bend, pass College Lane on the left and go up Wickham Hill. Near the top, on the right hand side of the road there is a road sign “Hassocks”. Indicate left when you see the sign and then turn LEFT about 50 yards before the sign and by the lamp post on the corner of Belmont Lane which also has 2 small signs.
Proceed about half a mile down Belmont Lane (beware speed bumps) and around a sharp right-hand bend. At intersection, turn LEFT (signposted Clayton Wickham Farmhouse) and after about 50 yards turn LEFT immediately before a timber barn. Clayton Wickham Farmhouse is on the left , bear LEFT through the gateway between the brick piers, and the car park is straight ahead between the house and the flint barn.
Gatwick airport and the cross-channel Car Ferry at Newhaven are both about twenty minutes away and London is one hour by train.

 Make a reservation by phone: 01273 845698 · Belmont Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9EP